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Lyme Disease more prevalent than BC Govt is letting on

 A Kamloops couple whose daughters contracted Lyme disease says the BC Government and the medical community continue to downplay the relevance of the disease in the province. Niki and John Bone say they are shocked to learn other families struggle with finding the proper diagnosis.We recently featured the Hrychiw family whose two boys were forced to receive treatment in Florida.The Bone family says it’s time testing for Lyme disease be improved , as well as public education about the disease.

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  1. My 17 year old was misdiagnosed by the BC Childrens Hospital. They said he had arthritis. We have since been to a private Dr in Alberta and he has tested positive for Lyme. We live in the Kootenays of BC.
    Wish us luck as we try to get rid of it.

  2. would you mind revealing the dr. who tested you in Alberta? I live in the kootenays as well and nobody takes the symptoms seriously – was told by ortho surgeon to quit job and change lifestyle, he said that based on symptoms, not even x-rays…. identified as arthritis, but x-rays show no arthritis, why are they (dr.s) so afraid of getting testing done. I guess because it is inaccurate…

  3. Any luck? I’ve been battling for over a year and a half. Any help would be appreciated. Keep thinking I have different “diseases”. Pretty sure it’s lyme.Last spring I had 12 ticks on me that I know of. Dr’s in Kelowna say no lyme disease in Boundary Country Area. How do they know? Email Boundarycountry6276@gmail.com thanks

  4. There is a naturopathic Doctor in Richmond BC who specializes in lyme disease. He just diagnosed my 8 year old Nephew who has been suffering from it. His name is Dr Eric Chan http://www.pannaturopathic.com/ check him out. They had to send my nephews tests to california and germany.

  5. My friend in Victoria has been suffering for well over 10 years. She was told that she likely contracted Lyme while she was living and studying in Prince George. She has been misdiagnosed with so many different things and has been undergoing treatment (unsuccessfully) with a naturopath and GP in Victoria. Just recently she has been admitted to hospital because the depression was getting too much and she had lost too much weight and strenght. I live far away from Victoria at the moment but I’ll be there in June. I’m wondering what help and what groups are avaliable for this so that I can encourage her with some support. Thanks.

  6. My son has had on going symptoms for five years he gets infections all the time .He remembers when he was bitten by a tick and no doctors will check for Lyme I live in the Nelson area he finally got to see a specialist and was so happy about it when he walked in the doctors office before he could any any thing the doctors first thing out of his mouth was there is no such thing as Lyme disease I guess he read my sons reports and his concerns.I do not understand why these doctors think there is no such disease! My son is sick again with another lung infection taking 1000 grams of penicillin a day I am so frigging fed up!

  7. This is so tragic that the medical profession is doing this to people who are suffering! Why does this continue?

  8. Im a 48 yr old living with all signs & symptoms of Lyme disease for over 5+yrs. Kelowna Drs all say nope we think its rheumatoid arthritis. …im so done facing my battle everyday!
    Any suggestions from anyone to find a good specialist in BC or Alberta????

  9. Dr. Chan in Richmond, BC or Dr. Deirdre O’Neil in Summerland (both ND’s ) treat Lyme Disease.

  10. Is a bullseye rash a definitive sign of Lyme disease, or is it merely a sign of tick bite, but not, necessarily, Lyme disease?

  11. These stories are truly heartbreaking. Me – Lyme positive test (2001) and still Dr.s refused to treat.
    The reason is: our government hired Dr. Steere in the mid nineties to do a “cost-effective analysis study” done at the U. of Ottawa. Think it was published in JAMA. To figure out how much it would cost to effective test and treat every infected Canadian. The estimated cost came out to 10,000. Before that study, Canadian Dr.s had published articles about the dangers of undiagnosed Lyme; since that study was published, there was obviously a concerted effort to silence. It’s called medical fraud. Find the studies, and read them. Why do you think these old tests are being used, if they are used at all? Why none of us can get treatment; why we are somehow made to believe that in Canada, there is a tick passport check at the border? Come on. Really?
    Still suffering in BC.

  12. A bullseye rash is proof positive of a Lyme infection, but less than 40% of infected people ever get a bullseye rash. Nothing else causes that distinctive bullseye rash. though. But the absence of a bullseye doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have Lyme.

  13. Where in the Kootenays? I’m from Fernie and was bitten was I was 17 and have been having symptoms ever since. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but have been having worsening neurological and heart symptoms in the last 5 years (I’m now 30). I’ve been told by 5 doctors that it’s impossible as there are no Lyme carrying ticks in the Kootenays.

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