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Watch Lyme awareness presentation by CanLyme president given to residents of Cawston, BC, and surrounding area.

Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation president, Jim Wilson, was invited to Cawston, BC, to present an awareness and information session to resident of Cawston, BC, and surrounding area, at their community hall.  For our part at CanLyme even small communities such as Cawston need to have better information given to them considering that many in the area are out-of-doors-type residents both because of their employment, and their lifestyle choices.  We will undertake to hold these information presentations whereever possible in that education and awareness are the most important components of prevention.

Many thanks to Sue and Gary McDougall for all their hard work in making the arrangements and recording the presentation.

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  1. Thank you Jim Wilson for helping to make the community and surrounding area of Cawston Lyme Aware.
    Thanks to all members of the area Lyme group. The Lyme Green shirts worn by the Lyme group did attract people with questions. Many interesting stories. More than one person was getting the blood draw from IGeneX.
    Glad to have met Alan Bibby, who traveled a fair distance for this presentation.
    Grateful to have had Gary McDougall videotape this presentation for canlyme in helping to get the message to the people.

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