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LymeDisease.org Publishes Largest Study of Chronic Lyme Disease Ever Conducted; Patients Suffer Poor Quality of Life and High Rates of Disability and Unemployment

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Chronic Lyme disease is associated with a poorer quality of life than most other chronic illnesses, according to a newly published comprehensive patient survey. Compared to the general population, patients with chronic Lyme disease have high disability and unemployment rates, are five times more likely to visit healthcare providers and twice as likely to be hospitalized, the survey found.

The study of over 3,000 patients with chronic Lyme disease published in the open access medical journal PeerJ on March 27th was a joint effort of LymeDisease.org and Prof. Jennifer Mankoff at Carnegie Mellon University. The survey used standard questions developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC estimates that more than 300,000 people contract Lyme disease every year in the United States.

“This study comes at an important time,” explains Lorraine Johnson, Executive Director of LymeDisease.org.

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  1. This study is very informative, scary, and hits close to home, as my wife has been dealing with diagnosed chronic Lyme Disease and 3 co-infections since 2011 (proper testing in Germany – 4x and USA – 3x). We’re close to being bankrupt, but still continuing the battle forward, as my wife is no longer in a wheelchair after 7 years of treatment in Canada (Lyme NDs) and Germany (Lyme MDs).

    Unfortunately, Figure 2 of this paper hits home and makes me remember (and………) all the bad days and trials and tribulations; especially when dealing with uneducated MDs within Canada’s medical system. We’re thankful to the naturopathic medical community of BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan; otherwise my wife would be dead.

    We have not been able to get medical form signed by a Canadian MD so we can get tax benefits, etc. from the CRA of Canada; everything has been out of pocket!

  2. Wow, just what I needed to hear….I am not alone after all. I am a mom with a son suffering with Lyme disease. Your story really hit home as we are walking in your shoes …so to speak. I just sent my son back to Germany for the 2nd time in 2 yrs, costing over $70,000.00. Did I have the money to do this ….no I didn’t but borrowed from the bank and collected $13,000.00 his first trip to Germany, from family, friends, fun raisers & go fund me.
    I am canvassing our government this time around to come forward and use some of the recently money granted by the federal government, to pay for the debt I just incurred for our sons last treatment. Families suffer enough physically and emotionally. Financial aid is so so needed.

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