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Mount Allison University and Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation announce partnership in research.

Mount A researchers uniting expertise against Lyme disease

May 5th, 2017 CumberlandNewsNow.com

Fourteen researchers have come together to form the Lyme Research Network to provide a co-ordinated way to respond to the research needs of the Lyme community, to develop research that looks at the issue from new perspectives, and to share findings.
The researchers represent a variety of disciplines including biology, chemistry, geographic information systems, religious studies, English, commerce, political science, psychology, philosophy, economics, and computer science.
“One of the initiatives that was identified as being important in discussions on the federal framework on Lyme disease, which is currently being drafted by the federal government, is the need for multi and interdisciplinary research and that is something that Mount Allison does very well,” said Dr. Vett Lloyd, a Mount Allison biologist and a leading Canadian tick and Lyme researcher. “We have a history of working with communities and Mount Allison already does a lot of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work, so we are well-positioned to take on that role.”

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