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MacLean’s Magazine: Could Canada cause multiple sclerosis?

[CanLyme Note: Many decades of research, prior to MS being too simply labeled an ‘autoimmune’ disease, showed convincingly that spirochetal (spirochaetal) bacteria, like Lyme disease bacteria, played a significant role in the disease process.  Is all MS Lyme disease?  Likely not, but much of it may be a misdiagnosed, untreated, mistreated Lyme disease or other spirochetal infection. In CanLyme’s search string type multiple sclerosis and look at research that has been largely ignored in favor of pushing only immune suppressant drugs. Read 1954 study identifying spirochete in MS patients]


“The cheeky rebranding of multiple sclerosis in Canada raises the fair question: why are rates so high here?”

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  1. In the comments to this article online there is mention that high MS rates in Canada may be linked to our low levels of manganese. This is the same element on which Borrelia are so dependent and will scavenge from the rest of the body.

    Why does Canada have the highest rate of Lyme disease in the world and the lowest rate of Lyme borreliosis?

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