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Vancouver, BC, Canada: Parting words – and hospital criticism – as Dr. Alison Bested leaves B.C., returns to Ontario

Her silence over her controversial departure from BC Women’s Hospital has been deafening.

Alas, it didn’t last forever as Dr. Alison Bested, the former medical director of the Complex Chronic Disease Program has sent me a statement she calls a “public response;” it is posted below.

Her stipulation is that I publish it in its entirety;  I have acquiesced to this request.

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  1. This article just confirms my constant suspicions; my sister-in-law has Lyme. she has had it for over FIFTEEN years.

    No government agency wishes to admit anything. They are Gods and we are the sheep as long as we let it be so. Want some changes. Take alternative routes, see different practitoners, support the doctors who are trying to do something about the ever-increasing chronic diseases that are NOT disappearing anytime soon.

    As for Premier Photo Op, Christy Clark; don’t get started!

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