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Manitoban Lyme awareness suffered a big loss on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We were deeply saddened with the sudden loss of Manitoban Elizabeth Wood this past week. Liz’s personal battle with Lyme, despite being a difficult journey of education and endurance, was often shadowed by her advocacy efforts for others. Her ongoing struggle and efforts to further recognition and treatment for Lyme sufferers in Manitoba, particularly those facing chronic symptoms will always be remembered, and deeply valued. For those of us who Liz touched and helped personally, from the heart we thank you for your kindness and endless efforts, and will miss you dearly.

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  1. Yes, It’s so unfortunate that Liz had to become another of so many that succumbed after a long, tough battle with the Lyme Hell !!! She could always leave you feeling positive after talking with her, no matter how crappy she felt, or what your particular affliction was? Her goal was to have this terrible Disease exposed to the public. Liz did a great job of exposing a lot of the Governments bungling and lies that they fed to the general public. Once Liz set her mind to something she went after it with all her might !!! There are so many Lyme Victims that have been swept under the rug by our Government in order to cover their asses that it disgusts me to think about it. I hope it’s true about Kharma, and those who dumped on the ‘Lymies’ for all those years will get theirs somewhere down the road !!!!

  2. I heard the sad news today that dear Liz had passed. Liz had been there for me since I first realized I had Lyme disease. Her knowledge helped me deal with the Chronic Lyme symptoms while the Medical professionals denied my illness. I will miss her and never forget her kindness .God Bless You Liz and your family and many friends.

  3. Liz was my dear friend and I am deeply saddened by her sudden passing. She was a truly amazing and positive force in the fight to have Lyme disease and associated tick-borne diseases recognized in this country. It was my honor to have worked with Liz during the past 24 years. Her concern was always for the well-being of others and particularly, the children suffering from Lyme disease. While she struggled with her own health, she never turned her back on someone who needed her help. She had a wonderful laugh and a delightful sense of humor. I always marveled at her ability to see the positive in the most difficult and trying situations that she faced as a medical advocate. She was devoted to her wonderful family and was always so excited to share her news announcing the arrival of another beautiful grandchild. I miss Liz but I am so grateful for the memories and experiences that we shared. Liz, I will not forget you. Rest in peace.

  4. I was one of the lucky few from Manitoba in the late 1980s who did get treatment
    In the first year after being infected. I had to fight for it and moved to B.C. where
    I was very fortunate to receive further treatment. it was because of others like Elizabeth who told their stories and also fought for treatment that we did not feel so alone. I know she will be missed and was such a great pioneer in the fight for treatment . My sincere sympathy goes out to her family and friends.

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