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CBC: U.S. lab says this 7-year-old has Lyme disease — Canadian MDs won’t even test him

Trent Nimeth suffers as his parents try to get diagnosis from U.S. validated in Canada

At only 18-months-old, Trent Nimeth’s eyes were rolling to the back of his head. Now, at 7-years-old, he complains because he feels his brain is on fire.

He has been tested for Lyme disease in a private lab in the United States. His results came back positive. He has not been tested in Canada.

Trent and his family are caught in the uncertain place Lyme disease now holds in Canadian medicine. Front-line physicians are responsible for recognizing patients that need to be tested, but experts say Lyme, as an emerging disease, is still unfamiliar territory for many of them.

[CanLyme Note: Recent research shows that only 3 to 4% of actual cases are diagnosed in Canada leading to about a 20 fold under-diagnosis putting true numbers into epidemic range.]

At the same time, public health agencies are issuing more warnings about Lyme disease and the spread of the ticks that carry it. So more and more people are concerned about the disease and some see it as the answer to unexplained symptoms.

But then they find they have to look elsewhere to get tested.

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  1. I would like to know why is Health Canada so ignorant on Lymes Disease? Are we a third rate /4rth rate Country? We siure are acting like one ! I wonder if one of the bright lights, Ministers & Health Canada decision makers’ children or if theu had all of the symptoms of Lymes what would they do ? I live in Ontario, My son has been tested positive for lymes through a Blood test that was sent to California…….because Canada is so Behind in their knowledge, their protocals & their simple acceptance that there is such a thing as Lymes disease! When we asked the Canadian Doctors & specialists that we met with the reply was shocking. ” I don’t beleive in Lymes disease” Basically Canadian Doctors do not want to go against Health Canada even though there is a huge outcry about this disease!!

  2. The main reason is that Canada follows the CDC’s guidelines is a sort strange way. The CDC says that the test is not definitive and that physicians should treat the patient symptomatically even if they don’t have the bullseye. The other problem is that the CDC says up to four weeks of Doxcycline and then stop as they believe this eradicates all the Borrelia bacteria in the body. Reality and science shows that the bacteria is able through different methods to not be killed by the antibiotics and therefore just come back after a course of antibiotics. The problem of ticks as a vector and to this point Borrelia Bugdforia is a major epidemic not even considering the other strains or other bacteria ticks may carry.

    Find a lyme friendly doctor and research, research and give the physician your results, you may inform the physician so he knows the enemy and we have a chance to help more people.

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