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Lyme disease controversies over diagnosis, treatment at Canada’s first complex, chronic disease program clinic

By Pamela Fayerman

Dr. Lucy Kinninmonth has been to about 20 different medical specialists in the past year, all of whom doubt she’s got chronic Lyme disease even though her symptoms, along with a blood test she had in the U.S., confirmed it, as far as she’s concerned.

The Port Coquitlam veterinarian is now one of 650 individuals with a range of enigmatic, ongoing symptoms who’ve already been referred to Canada’s first Complex Chronic Disease clinic, located in BC Women’s Hospital (but open to both men and women). Only a dozen patients have been seen so far since the “soft” opening in March.

The clinic officially opened today. But it’s been taking referrals and triaging patients for the past six months.

Those with suspected or confirmed cases of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease will be the most commonly seen at the clinic, in about equal measures.

Kinninmonth, who believes she got bit by a tick while laying in the grass near the BC Legislature in Victoria or while hiking on Vancouver Island, says her family doctor made a referral to the clinic three months ago. Based on her past experience with the BC medical establishment, she wonders how the appointment will go when it finally happens.

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