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Call for better combination treatments and diagnostics for Lyme

Recent calls to action by Dr. Monica Embers and Dr. John Aucott.

Two researchers stand together with a clipboard looking at data.

A number of chronic illnesses, from persistent Lyme disease to long COVID, have been associated with prior infectious disease. However, the pathogenesis mechanisms and link between infection and long-lasting symptoms remain poorly understood, leading to limited treatment options for the often debilitating symptoms of infection-associated chronic illnesses. This workshop aimed to bring together clinicians, researchers, and other stakeholders to examine common biological and clinical factors associated with these chronic illnesses, discuss potential strategies to treat or prevent disease progression, and increase collaboration among stakeholders to build a community of shared priorities that can enhance patient care.

Dr. Monica Embers and Dr. John Aucott were interviewed following a two-day NASEM workshop, “Toward a Common Research Agenda in Infection-Associated Chronic Illnesses: A Workshop to Examine Common, Overlapping Clinical and Biological Factors”.

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Lyme Disease: Research Points Toward Combination Therapy and Improved Diagnostics, Kilgore C, Medscape 2023-07-20: https://www.medscape.com/s/viewarticle/994609 Dr. J. Aucott and Dr. Monica Embers

Research points toward combination therapy for Lyme and improved diagnostics, Kilgore C, MD Edge 2023-07-20: https://www.mdedge.com/rheumatology/article/264209/infectious-diseases/research-points-toward-combination-therapy-lyme-and

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