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Mount Kisco Lyme disease doctor sues blogger for $1M citing libel

Nov 13th, 2018

A Mount Kisco physician who specializes in the treatment of Lyme disease is suing a blogger for $1 million for allegedly misrepresenting his disciplinary action for professional misconduct.

Dr. Daniel Cameron sued Jann Bellamy, a Tallahassee, Florida lawyer and activist for science-based standards in health care, Nov. 8 in federal court in White Plains.

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Cameron claims that an article Bellamy wrote last year depicted him as a “predator who preys on Lyme disease patients for his own financial gain,” and that she falsely described his consent agreement with the New York state Department of Health’s Board for Professional Medical Conduct.

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  1. There are two schools of thought on Lyme and at the moment the weight is swinging in favour of Dr. Cameron and the ILADS physicians. The court isn’t a good place to settle science but by now there is plenty of evidence that Borrelia can persist and survive short rounds of antibiotics. Those authorities at the CDC that make all the decisions do so behind closed doors won’t accept any evidence that contradicts their dogma. Medicine is a self-regulating profession, and with no civilian oversight has allowed its position on Lyme to be skewed by the long-term health insurance companies who red-flagged this disease as being too expensive to treat in 1994. This lack of transparency has allowed one side to predominate and there seems to be no way to break this authoritarian rule of all procedures around Lyme and TBD’s. Let’s hope Dr. Cameron wins.

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