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Toronto identifies areas where ticks that cause Lyme disease are found

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[CanLyme Note: Re: this statement, “Blacklegged ticks that can spread Lyme disease found in 4 areas of city”.  This statement is misleading in that the ticks that transmit Lyme disease are moved around by birds, randomly. They are not only where they look for them or where they have been seen. Birds also can carry the Lyme bacteria in their blood to infect ticks who feed on the bird. These ticks are called adventitious ticks and there are tens of millions of them brought into Canada each season by migratory birds.  Lyme disease can be contracted anywhere in Canada.]

May 10th, 2016

Toronto public health officials have begun to put up signs in the city where blacklegged ticks have been found and they are warning the public that these ticks can spread Lyme disease.

“The risk of acquiring Lyme disease in Toronto is considered low,” says Dr. Howard Shapiro, Associate Medical Officer of Health and Director of Healthy Environments at Toronto Public Health, said Tuesday.

“However, this is the time of year where individuals and families start to enjoy time outdoors, so it is important that people know where ticks have been found and how to prevent Lyme disease.”

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Maira, I acquired lyme in Toronto while I was studying almost 3 year ago, I am from Colombia, in my country that illness does not exist, so just recently I was diagnosed with it, I am taking medical treatment with Doxiciclina in Colombia but I cannot see any significant improvement. I would like to ask if is better to go back to Toronto and take medical treatment because of the expertise with the illness? I am very limited in movement and to live as I normal did.

    Please if you can help me with some suggestions about my doubts and referal of any doctor with expertise in lyme in Toronto I will be more than happy.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Maura! Check on Facebook “Oh, oh Canada Group” . They can help you. It’s a Canadian sufferers’ group. Mostly of them have to be treated in USA.

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