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Listen to testimony of Elizabeth May, MP, Jim Wilson, CanLyme, and Nicole Bottles, patient as they speak to the federal government of Canada’s Health Committe on Bill C-442 the National Lyme Disease Strategy Act

This is a private member’s Bill put before parliament that looks like it will pass into law as a result of all party support.  A private member’s Bill can only ask for limited action.  It cannot ask government to commit money for example.  This Bill was written to be the best it could be within given limitations.  Once amendments are approved we will publish the completed version that will go ahead for thrid reading and final vote, hopefully before summer recess of parliament.

Listen to testimony in Health Committee regarding Bill C-442 National Lyme Disease Strategy Act (on scroll bar, go to the numbered minutes on left – Elizabeth May starts at 01:10 in french, english starts at 02:18 , Jim Wilson starts at 1:03:25 followed by Nicole Bottles at 1:17 and, then question and answer period)

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  1. I am looking forward to learning when third reading and final vote will be. The suspense during each month of events for this Bill C-442 has kept me sitting on the edge of my seat. Passing into law is what we need.
    I like what I heard about “Best Practices” to not be used.
    “Gaping Hole” was a good description used to describe people falling through the cracks. “Good One!”
    Somehow, that ELISA test seems to be a tough one to be dissolved.
    Definately testing needs to change.

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