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CanLyme has questioned the self-policing of physicians for years as it protects bad nonsense – NOW CHANGE MAY HAPPEN? Are our politicians listening?

[CanLyme Note: This is not isolated to Ontario, it is Canada and world-wide. Many provinces and countries have given the right to medical colleges and associations to self-police. The process has been corrupted and abused for years with many doctors given far too light consequences while on the other hand they use self-policing to force doctors to follow bad policy as they have done on the Lyme disease file for years. As CanLyme has testified to it is time the legislators, who we the public gave them the right to allow this system of self-policing with the expectation of it being legitimate, to pull self-policing rights back and bring more public, and broader professional oversight into the process involving ethical scientists outside of the medical community.]

The ‘radical paradigm shift’ that’s changing Ontario’s oversight system for health professional

March, 2018

There have long been calls for major reform of Ontario’s oversight system for health professionals. Now some of the loudest calls are coming from those inside the system.

Toronto doctor Javad Peirovy was found guilty three years ago of sexually abusing four female patients.

He “inappropriately touched” their breasts, they reported to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), the self-regulator of doctors in the province.

A college prosecutor argued Peirovy should lose his licence in the name of patient safety. But a disciplinary panel instead gave him a much lighter penalty, which included a six-month suspension.

The prosecutor successfully appealed and the Ontario Divisional Court agreed the penalty was too lenient: “It was inadequate to protect the public and vindicate the integrity of the profession … The public’s confidence in the medical profession demands more from the disciplinary process than recent sexual abuse discipline cases suggest.”

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