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G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab at University of Guelph is looking for participants in study.

July 19th, 2018

Excellent work is being done at the University of Guelph and we at CanLyme encourage people to participate…

“The University of Guelph is currently recruiting participants for a study jointly offered by researchers in the Department of Population Medicine, and the G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab. The study (REB # 18-05-008) will examine the interactions that patients and families have with healthcare providers in the process of diagnosing and / or managing Lyme disease in Canada. The concept of ‘client-centred care’ describes the partnership between the patient and his/her healthcare providers, continuity and consistency of care, respect, and knowledge exchange. This study will use questionnaires to evaluate the ‘client-centred care’ that patients received, as well as the symptoms and functional impairment they experienced. The goal is to identify areas for improvement in the delivery of health care in Canada. The study is open to anyone in Canada who is 19 years of age or older, fluent in English, capable of providing consent, and has / had Lyme disease (diagnosed in Canada or internationally). For more information, or to enrol in the study, please email gmlstudy@uoguelph.ca .”


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  1. I’ve been tested twice for Lyme Disease (Elisa) and the results were negative. I did have the Bull’s eye rash, which is an indicator that I have Lyme disease. I did receive 2 weeks of antibiotics but soon after completing the antibiotics, I experienced symptoms. Since the ER visit for the bite, my life has changed drastically health wise. I would be interested in your study.

  2. I recently tested positive for Lyme disease, but probably contracted the disease awhile back. I did not have the Bulls eye rash. I am not getting any treatment because of what my physician says is a lack of knowledge re Lyme disease and the only specialist in the city has a one year waiting list. I have also been diagnosed with lupus. Do I have both diseases? Or one and not the other. My understanding is that the two can easily be mixed up. Not terribly reassuring. I have been increasingly unwell. I am very interested in this study.

  3. I was tested for lyme disease and the results were positive. I had the bull’s eye rush and I took three week antibiotic. Beside of that I still feel the pain in my knees and I have pronlems standing up. I went to the hospital in Montreal but the doctors don t know what to do anymore…

  4. On May 12, 2017 I had a lone star tick removed from my upper arm by Dr. Reddy at ER S. Thomas Elgin General Hospital. He sent the tick away and it came back negative for Lyme disease, I had 14 days antibiotics. I have since had a MRI of the brain which shows lesions similar to MS which is apparently a Lyme situation. I also had swollen lymph nodes also a Lyme or co-infection problem. I am tired all the time and my cognitive ability is waning. I ache everywhere and have trouble walking in a straight line. My head feels like it is underwater.

    In 1988 I came back from Florida with a large bull’s eye on the top of my left back. I went to St. Joseph’s Hospital in London ,Ontario because my neck was so painful. The triage nurse said I had a bug bite and to go home….I argued with her and said I had a tick bite and she said she would call security so I left. A year and a half later I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

  5. I have had Lyme now for 6 years dr refused to treat me after the ontario health unit told me the tick and bullseye rash was Lyme tone treated I have suffered with a lot of ailments now with enlarged lymnodes I just want this nightmare to come to amend.

  6. I tested positive/reactive in 2011 after being infected in 2009. I am currently being treated by a cardiologist who dismisses the possibility of Lyme involvement. Would you be able to provide contact info for a cardiologist with knowledge of Lyme in Toronto area for another assessment of my condition? Thank you.

  7. I have been dealing with chronic illness for 4 yrs now. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Celiac HLA DQ which affects the Nervous system. Slowly getting worse. I was bitten by a wood tick and had the Rash. It was stuck on my chest for 24 hours without my knowledge. I have Episodes to ER..Was tested for Lymes 2x results came back Negative. I have had no life and unable to travel due to being sensitive to humidity, foods, weather. Swollen Lymph Nodes, Brain fogged and Lose my balance when walking. Head feels heavy and so foggy especially with dampness and weather. Memory, cognition, Anxiety, ringing in ears, awful body pains. I use to remember things easily. Now, i can read soemthing 3-5 times I forget it. Ringing in ears, Severe Migraines, Neck stiffness daily, Ringing in ears. Comprehension when reading or people explaining things to me. I lose my sense of where I am when driving at times. This is Not Normal.
    Unable to hold a job due to these factors. I use to be a multitasker, quick learner, Never sick. In 10 yrs in a job I was sick 3 days. Now!…its daily/ weekly, No Life.
    I am very interested in this please contact me.

  8. I would be interested in taking part in this study. I seem to be more fortunate that the other people who have responded. I was bitten in 2014 and went undiagnosed, severe flu symptoms for 2 yrs. After going through countless specialists and countless diagnostic tests, I finally found a naturopath who would draw my blood and sent it to US for testing. Came back off the scale!
    Went on antibiotics, under ground, for 1 year then spent thousands of dollars on naturopathic doctor and pills, etc. I am MUCH better now – having survived months in bed and months of flu like symptoms. The health care doctors, specialists, etc was PATHETIC AND NON EXISTANT in Ontario. The denial of our infectious disease doctors is horrific. Thank goodness I am tenacious, and knowledged in the medical field, having a BS and MS in the biological field. The culture of attacking doctors who reach out to Lyme patients and then penalizing them is unbelievable. The culture has to change. I would be happy to take part in your study.

  9. hi! everyone in the lymes light, myself I feel I dont matter anymore,doctors think iam crazy! Been told I have, ocular compression,,rheumatoid arthritis,Fibromyalgia,brain fog; and Raynaulds disease,went blind in left eye for 2 days.Thrombophlebitis, Bluried vision off and on, get lost easily, chronic pain, I know theres worse off persons out there but when I WAS A LAND SURVEYORS ASSISTANT for over 27 year took time off to teach timber framing at a topia farm and was bite in 2009 at the farm in shawnigan lake near duncan bc, moved to blue river had to fight so hard in duncan bc just for my persons with disabilities. resided in blue river and should have stayed there and lived out my life,but sold house and moved to fredericton nb and lost my persons with disabilities along with my heart because of lymes carditis if it wasnt for a real cardiologist out of saskatoon id be dead.OH theres so much more ,,Iam so tired of been told you look fine.I moved here because of HOPE of doctors in nb would be helpful but same old same old,OH! NEW DOC SAYS ! i have copd,Iam so close but yet so far to see a real infectious disease doc but yet the good ones I READ ABOUT ARE ALL IN THE STATES! no money or energy left or any help at all from goverment stage4 AND 10 YEARS LATER.AND NO PASSPORT,please HELP !!!

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