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New York Times: More Than 80 Percent of Patient Groups Accept Drug Industry Funds, Study Shows

[CanLyme Note: We have been approached by various pharma industry to work with them but we have steadfastly refused in order to maintain our independence, so as to not be beholding to the for-profit industry.  Now if government and the Canadian medical associations and societies could shake their relationship with big-pharma then perhaps better health care would result.]

March 2nd, 2017

The nation’s largest patient advocacy groups are on the front lines of some of the biggest health care debates, from the soaring cost of prescription to whether new medicines are being approved quickly enough.

… For some groups, the donations from industry accounted for more than half their income, and in nearly 40 percent of cases, industry executives sit on governing boards…

[published in The New England Journal of Medicine: Conflicts of Interest for Patient-Advocacy Organizations]

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  1. Maintaining independence from for-profit corporations is critical to ensuring our patient advocacy groups are able to support patient needs 100%, free from conflicts. Thanks Canlyme, for putting patient needs first. This is why Canadians need to support Canlyme and other charities.

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