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Dr. Ben Boucher discusses Lyme disease on CBC radio

May 8th, 2015

Dr. Ben Boucher is speaking at a Maritime Tick Conference in Moncton about the difficulty in diagnosing Lyme disease and his experience treating it.

CBC radio caught up with him for this interview.

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  1. Dr. Boucher states that many Canadian Dr.’s are not following Canadian guidelines for treating Lyme which state that it should be treated with antibiotics based upon clinical evidence alone if there is no positive serology.

  2. I’m curious – which antibiotics are typically used to treat lyme disease … and for how long a course ??

  3. The way most doctors treat lyme patients shows me that they are in the profession purely for the money. They have no empathy for their patents what so ever. They seem to be socio pathic to me. It’s no wonder our medical system is broken. It’s only as good as the people in it. Like any business. How sad.

  4. Dr. Ben Boucher in my opinion is the most knowledgeable doctor in Canada in the field of lyme and tick born diseases. He has empathy for his patients. What every doctor should strive to be like. But instead some of these arrogant sociopaths who know nothing about Lyme have drivin him out of the business. What can we do know to get treatment.

  5. Hello. I’m a belgian doctor, GP, working in Brussels, Belgium.
    I think I’m the only one following ILADS’advices in Belgium, along with some GP’s in France grouped under the Chronimed name, gathering once a month in Paris, UNESCO, with Dr Prof. Montagnier.

    I’m treating Lyme patients for about 8 years now.

    How strange my name is the same as Dr Ben Boucher… He may even be of the same family, as my grandfather has a brother who lived in Canada!

    Karmic issue?

  6. I’m with you on that one, Dr.Boucher is the definition of what a doctor should be. He knows how to make you as a patient feel normal. He would reassure me …. you are normal, what you’re going through is normal, the infection is the culprit. No other doctor made ME feel normal.

  7. Dr Boucher saved my husband’s life… He went downhill for years and when his brother in law was diagnosed with Lyme by Dr Boucher, we realized the symptons that he had were the same as what my husband had…… we took the trip to see
    Dr Boucher…. what a caring man and took his time assessing all the information. My husband got bit by a tick a few years prior and did have the bulls eye. We did not know what it was….. with the education out there now I hope people recognize the bullseye right away and dont wait to get treated…… We went to many conferences with Dr Murakami, who also specializes in Lyme, researched Lyme from every possible source, were advissed that Lyme does not exist in Canada, if it was not for Dr Boucher and his dedication to people with Lyme, my husband would not be here today….
    I cant say enough about Dr Boucher, he was fabulous with us and he needs to be recognized with what he has been doing for many people who would not be here if it was not for him. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…..Cindy and Eric Phillips

  8. Bitten on Canada Day 2007 while clearing brush on my property just outside of Fredericton, I found Dr. Boucher, and was diagnosed with Lyme, and Bartonella. After 5 years of outstanding care through numerous trips to Port Hawkesbury, I am well again……Dr. Boucher, thank-you for giving me back my life, and my health…….Lyme is real, it’s crippling, and after enduring numerous symptoms, and indescribable pain, I have been symptom free since 2012……..

  9. Does anyone know how to contact Dr. Boucher? I have all the symptoms of Lyme and have undergone a lot of other testing that’s been negative. My doctor is being very dismissive of me and I am getting more and more sick. I am curious to know who Dr. boucher would recommend seeing for help.

  10. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Dr. Ben Boucher, or a Canadian Dr who understands Lyme? Dr Boucher was my husband’s doctor and got hime well, but after 4 years his symptoms have returned… we need help!!

  11. Cindy , how can I contact Dr Boucher. I believe my son has Lyme disease but cannot get help from his doctor. Had blood work Lyme did not show up so she dismissed it. Seems to think he’s nuts

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