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New podcast: Angela Naeth tells us about life as a triathlete with Lyme disease

Join us for a candid conversation with Ironman athlete, Angela Naeth. Angela contracted Lyme disease in 2018, the same year she completed the Ironman race in Kona, Hawaii. Born in Prince George BC, and now living in Massachusetts, Angela has had to continually adapt and evolve in order to optimize both her own health and her performance as an athlete.

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  1. Good story of determination. Place outdoor clothing in the dryer on high first for 20 minutes before putting them in the washer. Some ticks are stronger than others.

  2. “An ounce of permethrin is worth a pound of antibiotics” –Dr. E. Maloney
    Permethrin is both a repellent and an insecticide. It is safe if used as directed and is not absorbed through our skin. https://tickencounter.org/prevention/permethrin If you are in the U.S. I would suggest you find permethrin factory treated socks and clothing. The factory treated clothing is good for 70 washes.
    Spraying your footwear with permethrin cuts tick bites down by 73.6%
    You still need to use a repellent for your skin such as 20% icaridin or picaridin. Permethrin won’t work on your skin as it s neutralized within 20 minutes. Prompt thorough tick checks are always in order.

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