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Spreading awareness about Lyme disease for the summer

Planning an outdoor vacation?

Beware of the “ticking time bomb” – blood-sucking parasites spreading Lyme disease with potentially devastating consequences.

The infectious disease is easier to get than you think and no one is immune, yet too little is being done, says Rossana Magnotta, CEO of Magnotta Winery. “You’ve got to protect yourself and your children.”

Transmitted through a tick that carries a cesspool of infection, Lyme disease is growing.

The issue really gets under her skin: “People are constantly being misdiagnosed or not diagnosed, and with tragic consequences, including my wonderful husband Gabe,” says Magnotta.

Gabe lost his battle in 2009 and Magnotta is fighting to make sure other families are spared the same heartbreak.

Gabe was a trailblazer in the Ontario wine industry and Magnotta is doing the same with combating Lyme disease. The feisty entrepreneur has established the G. Magnotta Foundation for Vector-Borne Diseases (charitable status pending) to support research, accurate testing and proper treatment of this devastating disease.

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  1. I don’t believe anymore that this disease is spread only by ticks, especially since one German scientist (now American) who worked for Himler did inject mostquitoes and fleas with Lyme from ticks. This has been used as biowarfare since the last world war.

    Don’t believe either that it infects only deer and people — probably all animals and their milk.

    Don’t believe either, that it’s a coincidence that no country will accept the testing of another country. This isn’t warring between countries; it’s cooperation.

    What better way to reduce the population that to introduce Lyme disease. They first thought of the neutron bomb but that would leave too many negative effects around. Lyme was perfect. It would take victims often up to 20 years to find out they had been hit and then it would be too late to treat, just as late syphilis would in many cases. By then the perpetrator and promoter of it would be long undetectable. The properties of all who died would still be in tact for others to swoop up.

    Sorry for being so negative but after receiving four positive results, having so many Lyme symptoms, seeing so much misleading and false information in my reports, and having 100% likelihood of getting it in the first place, I can’t believe that every country wouldn’t be keeping up the portrayal that there isn’t another honest country in the world without cooperation.

    By continuing this cooperation, they force Lyme patients to go without diagnosis and without treatment.

    By denying Lyme they also ensure that very few Lyme patients would ever be able to write off the cost of their treatment (which could only be obtained through naturopaths) as the patients with any other disease can. They also ensure that most Lyme patients will never be able to have costs of medical equipment written off of their taxes either, nor will they ever be permitted to even get handicap placards. Denial is a win win all around the world, especially in Alberta which has among the highest number of MS cases in the world and the lowest number of Lyme cases.

    If the disease is spreading, it means only one of two things: ticks are multiplying by the billions and billions if it isn’t being spread in other ways (which is very hard to believe), and some countries are getting nervous about their denial and finally admitting it.

    Other countries will continue to document their Lyme deaths as the subdiseases of Lyme instead of the Lyme itself, such as MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Crohns, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ASL, and many central nervous system diseases.

    My specialist even stated on the form that I had no evidence of neurological symptoms when I had tons of evidence for years. What is going on?

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