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Belleville, Ontario, Canada: Lyme Disease a concern for Health Unit as more ticks test positive

Belleville News by Steve Petrick Nov 30th, 2015

Belleville – As a real estate agent in Centre Hastings, Steve Bancroft spends a fair bit of time walking around rural properties. These days, he always makes sure to tuck in his clothing so it’s covering his skin.
He’s concerned about ticks and, more specifically, the disease they can cause; Lyme Disease.
“You can’t go walking in the woods anymore, you have to watch what you’re doing,” he said.
Bancroft’s wife, Pam, was diagnosed with Lyme Disease several years ago and he’s seen the devastating toll it can take on a person. It can cause skin irritation and scaling and lead to serious fever-like symptoms. He’s encouraging politicians to look into the issue deeper, noting he and his wife have been forced to travel to the United States for several years so his wife could get treatments that aren’t available in Canada.
It’s an issue causing alarm for public health officials, as well.

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