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Doctor comments on Lyme disease treatment

[CanLyme note: It is very common for mainstream physicians who subscribe to the Infectious Disease Society of America guidelines to design studies in such a fashion that the outcome is pre-determined.  These studies have no value, nor scientific merit.  The divide is created intentionally.]

Infectious Disease doctor, Sam Donta, responds to article,

To the Editor:

I am responding to the article, “Divide deepens over treatment of persistent Lyme disease symptoms,”by reporter Barry Stringfellow published in the June 2 issue of The MV Times. The study upon which the story was based was of limited value, the study design compromised by the absence of a true placebo group, with resultant conclusions wanting for more information.

All patients received two weeks of IV treatment prior to randomization into two treatment groups and a third placebo group. The statement made that not first treating the placebo group would be unethical is unsustainable, as all enrolled patients had had symptoms for more than two years, and most had been treated in the past. The conclusions, therefore, that the antibiotic treatments were ineffective cannot be definitely stated, as all groups had some improvement.

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