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Watch news, Youtube, and view photos of Canada’s Ride For Lyme – The Adelaine Projetct

Campers stand at the edge of the water at sunset watching the stars come out, with the CanLyme logo floating in the foreground.

Watch video of the Ride For Lyme

Click Here

Watch CHEK news interview with Daniel and Tanner.

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May 10th, 2015 Victoria send off party

Victoria city councillor Chris Coleman reads proclamation while MLA Lana Popham looks on with approval

Daniel Corso and Tanner Cookson talk with MLA Carole James

CanLyme director David Cubberley with back to camera speaks to Daniel corso and Cody George

Long time Lyme advocate is interviewed by CHEK news

May 11th, 2015 early morning send off

Ride For Lyme riders touch the pacific

Send off crew

Video from Ride for Lyme event in Victoria:
Pt 1 – Lana Popham, Daniel and Tanner, Chris Coleman

Pt 2 – Gwen Barlee, Carole James, Daniel and Tanner

Pt 3 – David Cubberley, Daniel and Tanner

View photos from ride


RCMP escort into Penticton BC, May 14th, 2015

May 15th, 2015

CHBC Global TV Kelowna welcomes Ride For Lyme …

View news segment

Stay safe in the outdoors

Your support can change lives

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  1. My adult son was recently (July 2015) diagnosed with Chronic (10-15 years now) Lyme Disease and we need a neurological recovery doctor and/or lawyer to help us; does anyone know one? Thanks for any help at all. The problem is huge with catastrophic loses thus far.

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