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Bill C-442 is carried as is in Senate. Hear testimony in Canada’s Senate Committee on Bill C-442, An Act respecting a Federal Framework on Lyme Disease, as Bill moves forward.

Bill C-442 is carried in the Senate (signed into law with Royal assent Dec. 16th, 2014):

Listen to testimony of ;

December 3rd, 2014

Elizabeth May, MP  (begins after intro’s)

Jim Wilson, CanLyme  (starts at 17:10 on time-bar)

Dr. William Bowie, AMMI,  (starts at 17:17 on time-bar)

After Dr. Bowie presents it is followed by a question and answer period which is very revealing.

Watch Now

December 10th, 2014,

Dr. Marc Oulette, CIHRDr. Stephen Sternthal, PHAC, Dr. Robbin Lindsay, NML Listen to audio here (To hear clause by clause vote scroll to 55:00 on the time-bar)

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  1. December 3rd was great with Jim Wilson’s calm composure and excellent scientific and personal situation to the Lyme Disease Situation.
    Dr. Bowie sounded very unprofessional given his title. His composure and explanation started to show that he was not as knowledgeable as he may have wanted people to believe. He seemed to be making things up at times. The last thing any one wants…is to be lied to.

    On December 10th it was glad to hear that the bill passed regardless of the presenters.

  2. Hi
    Ive tried, but cant for the life of me, access this important speech. Is there something as simple as a link directly to listen to Jim Wilson, by any chance?


  3. The video works OK using Windows Media Player but gives an error message on my Apple iPad. Possibly there are apps for the tablets & smartphones that would allow users to view this material.
    Sincerely, Ron Rudiak

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