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Nearly 50% of ticks test positive for Lyme bacteria in Onondaga County

[CanLyme Note: This area is only a short flight to Ontario and Quebec for the migratory birds such as robins, wrens, and finches who carry these infected ticks into your region in the millions each season. Canada is endemic for Lyme disease and our government needs to stop wasting money chasing ticks and start funding research to find out how many Canadians have the disease but are misdiagnosed due to decades or poor tests and misinformation given to physicians.]

Tuesday, December 19th 2017

At a recent meeting of the Onondaga County Deer and Ticks Management Advisory Committee it was revealed that nearly half of ticks collected and tested carry the Lyme disease bacteria.

“I would say it’s the most stunning thing we have found,” said David Skeval

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