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Important testing precautions

Time and again, we hear stories from Lyme victims who reported a rash to their doctor (and in some cases even had a tick attached at the site), but were told to come back later for testing. This mistake can be devastating.

Don’t wait to be tested

A “bull’s eye” rash indicates Lyme infection, and must be treated immediately to avoid infection! If your doctor won’t schedule antibiotics immediately, go to another doctor.

Test results aren’t always accurate

False negatives are common when testing for Lyme, and false positives are also possible (though less common).

Experienced doctors recommend that Lyme disease be diagnosed clinically, meaning they base the diagnosis on an evaluation of both your risk level (based on whether you live, work or frequent tick-infested areas) and your symptoms.

Doctors aren’t always right

There is a lot of misinformation and myths circulating about Lyme disease. Even in the medical community, Lyme disease is widely misunderstood. It’s important to get all the facts before visiting your doctor, so you can better ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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