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Avril Lavigne announces she has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease

TORONTO — Avril Lavigne has revealed she was bedridden for five months suffering from Lyme disease.

“I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t move,” the Canadian singer told People. “I thought I was dying.”

Lavigne said she felt lethargic and lightheaded for months but didn’t know why. She finally got a diagnosis of Lyme disease, an infection caused by a bacteria spread through ticks.

“I had no idea a bug bite could do this,” said Lavigne, who suspects she was bitten last spring.

The singer told fans in early December that she was “not feeling well” and hinted at “some health issues.” Her tweets sparked speculation of a pregnancy or a split from husband Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Nickelback.

Lavigne, 30, told People she is back home in Ontario, where Kroeger takes care of her during breaks from his band’s tour and her mother Judy checks in on her.

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  1. Looks like she is staying out of the contentious issue of long-term antibiotic treatment as she says she’s better but doesn’t say how. Neither is she crediting any Lyme specialist in Ontario or anywhere else. These are questions I’d really like to hear answered.

  2. Hi,

    Every disease has his own Star… so why not ask Avril if she could represent this disease? It would be a good point for the notoriety of this disease! And to help the research!

    See you,


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