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Global News television: Manitoba Canada Lyme awareness – province leads the country in working directly with patient groups.

Watch this interesting piece…

“Marnie Le Page from Manitoba Lyme and Communicable Diseases Medical Officer of Health Dr. Richard Rush joined Gobal’s Shannon Cuciz to discuss emerging tick-bone diseases in Manitoba.”

Canada-wide we are in a crisis due to a very well imbedded denial of access to health care relative to Lyme and other tick-bonre diseases. Patient groups and their experts must be engaged with an equal voice at every level. All eyes are on Manitoba as they move towards opening a clinic that will recognize the limitations of the current diagnostic and treatment guidelines followed in Canada that are failing Canadians.


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  1. Dr said that there was no such thing as Lyme disease in our area. He has all the symptoms. Even had the red circle rash . That was about 8 years ago. His name is Stan Usiski

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