Canadian lawyer Paul Haefling speaks on Lyme disease

Testing in Canada is not good, the government of Ontario is well aware of that fact yet they imposed the same old criteria on the province.

Go to and scroll down to where you see Podcast.  Select download which gives you an audio player. Once it is up and ready to play

move the player scroll bar to 00:24:20 and hit play.



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  1. How do u get medical professionals to help?

    My story is so long it’s impossible for me to even be able to share!
    The torture Lyme victims endure!
    I have been sick for a number of years and currently am receiving treatment for Lyme.
    I have been able to improve on proper treatment but am no where near the end of the battle!
    This is because of my persistence and ability thus far to afford to pay for my treatment!
    If left in my medical doctors hands I would have a mental illness/anxiety diagnosis plus more such as fibromyalgia, anorexia, and the list continues on!

    I would be placed on numerous harmful toxic proscriptions all the while my health continues to dwindle away! No quality of life and difficult to find a purpose as you just can’t understand the slightest of the heap of mess u are drowning in! All alone and suffering!

    This is my mom and her current state! She is drugged up constantly and placed in a mental hospital! She has had countless surgeries! Implants in the spine for nerve pulses and morphine pump! She has countless diagnosis they are medically treating! All of this had been not successful and still my mother suffers! In poverty as she had been sick for far to many years! Incapable of helping herself! Left without a voice!

    I have tried to be her voice as I completely understand her pain and suffering! and no one will listen! I am unable to pay for her treatment let alone find anyone willing to treat her as per all her current medications!

    I have 3 strains of Lyme and I am certain my mom has passed at least one strain! I have no doubt in my mind that Lyme is what ills her! I have 3 children also who currently are left untreated and all have Lyme symptoms! The last child of mine the worst and the only one breast fed!

    So not only am I suffering but my family around me is suffering as we all watch helplessly and hopeless! No one hearing our voices! No one willing to help! When will we stop this suffering so many endure? How do we get help for ourselves and our families?

    Desperate for help!

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