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Read all Lyme disease presentations to the Ontario legislative committee on Bill 27 – June 1st, 2015

Committee Transcripts: Standing Committee on Social Policy – 2015-Jun-01 – Bill 27, Provincial Framework and Action Plan concerning Emerging Vector-Borne Diseases Act, 2015


You can read the presentations of several Lyme groups and representatives as they give their opinion on Bill 27. Sadly what you won’t see is how the democratic process was completely undermined.  At no time did any of us who presented know that the committee members we were presenting to each had what they referred to later as ‘cheat sheets’, with any wording changes to the Bill already written.  This public transcript record does not show that that a government public health executive and a government lawyer were involved in the clause by clause vote after our presentations were over. This was all planned before the charade of parading the lowly public victim’s advocates before the committee for what we each thought was democratic input that would be taken into consideration.

The tax payer funded medical bureaucrats and tax payer funded lawyers dictated the policy, not our elected legislators… this is a very serious example of how our tax dollars are being misused to strip us of our democratic rights. This is how such poor, deadly medical dogma is allowed to entrench into our health care system while the very intelligent and questioning patients, and their experts, are forced to the sidelines when it comes to policy.

At the instructions of those involved in creating the ‘cheat sheets’, Bill 27 passed without any mention of patients and their experts being recognized in the wording as equal partners. All the power was given back to the Minister’s of Health, who change regularly, and who have messed the Lyme file up for decades because they simply defer to the medical bureaucrats and all their conflicts of interest.

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  1. I am beyond disillusioned, and well beyond disappointed! My son has been fighting chronic Lyme. I have met many others too. Sadly, it seems that nothing will change until a politician or the loved one of a politician gets Lyme. Funny how a “democracy” runs…ours is a democracy in appearance only. So sad, disgusted, and angry.

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