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Raising Awareness for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts are among the highest risk group for contracting tick borne diseases. Here is an information pamphlet to provide some information all should have. Access pamphlet  

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Brain fog, mysterious infections, not believed – Atlantic Canadians still struggling to get faster Lyme disease diagnosis

June 8th 2021 “The (symptoms) affected every system in my body, pretty much,” said Lugar, who was experiencing vision, hearing, and digestive issues, as well as extreme fatigue and light and sound sensitivity. “At my worst, I was in bed, in a darkened room. At my best, I could function at about 60 per cent.”…

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Interagency Cooperation Drives Discovery of Lyme Disease Spirochete in Exotic Tick

“Since inception, the primary goal of the tick program has been to collect and test blacklegged ticks because of the public health risk they pose. However, over time and through targeted collections throughout the Commonwealth, established populations of additional tick species have been discovered. One of those species is the newly invasive Asian longhorned tick…

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Global TV addresses Lyme for Lyme awareness

“Raising awareness about Lyme disease With more people heading out to enjoy the great outdoors, comes a timely reminder to avoid tick bites. Sarah Cormode, host of the podcast “Looking at Lyme”, explains how she is raising awareness about Lyme disease and the signs and symptoms to watch out for.” Watch news clip

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New podcast: Turning pain into strength with Lyme warrior Gina Valles

“This week Sarah is joined by Gina Valles, a fitness coach with a degree in exercise science who founded Gina’s Total Fitness in Connecticut. In 2018, Gina was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which changed her life and outlook on fitness. Through her Instagram account, which has almost 180,000 followers, Gina shares her journey, workouts, and…

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Canada: Interactive maps developed to track data on ticks

“With the arrival of spring and warmer weather the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation (CanLyme) is hoping you will give some consideration to the spread of Lyme disease and the ticks that carry it. May is Lyme disease awareness month. Reliable statistics are not yet available in Canada but a recent American study by the U.S….

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New podcast: Outdoor education, checklists, and staying safe in the outdoors, with Mike Horembala

Today we explore one of the many ways the CanLyme Educators’ Resource can be put into action. In this podcast, Sarah reaches Mike Horembala in the Foothills of Alberta. Mike, known to his students as “Mr. H’, is a Vice Principal and teacher with a passion for the outdoors. He developed a program within the…

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New podcast: Climate change, migratory birds, and four season tick awareness

We turn our gaze northward to Thunder Bay, Ontario to chat with entomologist Dr. Ken Deacon. While working on a contract with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit, he saw the first wood tick in the Thunder Bay area in 2003. He then saw the first black-legged tick in 2005 and has continued to follow…

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New podcast: Wilderness first aid training and Lyme prevention

“In today’s podcast, Sarah examines the importance of adequate training in wilderness first aid skills. She speaks with expert Michael Crawford, an instructor at Slipstream Wilderness First Aid in Victoria, BC. Michael points out some of the differences between regular first aid and wilderness first aid. Anyone performing first aid on a patient in a…

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Active surveillance of pathogens from ticks collected in New York State suburban parks and schoolyards

First published: 22 July 2020 Abstract   Schoolyards and suburban parks are two environments where active tick surveillance may inform local management approaches. Even in a state such as New York with a robust active tick surveillance programme operated by the state Department of Health, these settings are not routinely covered. The goal of this…

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Albertans reporting fewer ticks amid social distancing; Expert predicts numbers will rise

After enjoying a day at Rundle Park in Edmonton, Dan Friesen and Katie Zimmerman didn’t consider the possibility of ticks. “We never hear about ticks,” Friesen said. “There in the bush, way out in the middle of nowhere, you don’t think they’re going to be in a city park.” It wasn’t until three days later…

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How to repel ticks with plants and landscaping

Landscaping tactics can be used to create a soft barrier to prevent ticks from entering your yard   Ticks are now present in many parts of the Maritimes, but communities are still learning how to live with them. A tick-proofing conference and workshop at Mount Allison University on Saturday gave researchers and experts a chance to share…

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Unravelling the mystery of Lyme disease: Why Canada needs to do more

Rian Michelsen is a rising star. Fifteen years ago, he was the toddler who burst out from behind the curtains singing Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas. As a young boy, he played the lead role in Oliver in his birthplace of Bermuda, before moving with his family to Toronto five years ago. Now, as a 17 year-old high school…

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Lyme Disease Awareness Month

NO TICK IS A GOOD TICK, all species of ticks that will attach to humans and pets can carry various diseases. May, 2020 May is National Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Canada. It gives us a chance to remind and educate others about the disease and how to avoid it. Ticks aren’t going to give…