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Nova Scotia, Canada: Lyme disease conference in Bridgewater draws hundreds – Held in Cineplex theatre

More than 200 health professionals and 500 members of the public turned out to the Lyme Disease Conference at the Bridgewater Cineplex theatre November 16 and 17.

“We’re here today to consult with members of the medical community in the effort to better understand this disease, its prevention and treatment and perhaps identify ways that we as a community can better combat the threat of Lyme,” said Susan Corkum-Greek, the moderator on the first day. That event, called Lyme SOS, drew a spectrum of health professionals, including physicians, nurses, health administrators, pharmacists and naturopaths.

The newly formed not-for-profit group, Lunenburg Lyme Association, organized the free, two-day event, bringing together a roster of presenters who covered everything from the impact of the climate crisis, incidence levels of the disease, the challenges of diagnosis and treatment, and legal and ethical issues. There also were personal stories of lives affected.

“I liken Lyme disease to the Aids epidemic. …

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  1. Why is ther no video link of the conference information available on this website?? or anywhere for that matter??…..After all it was a FREE event with 500 common folk.
    It appears that in the LYME DISEASE WORLD there is no real progress of any sort in Canada.
    Still hiding in the dark.

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