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Borrelia miyamotoi rash is breaking the myth that rashes caused by borreliosis (Lyme disease) must expand beyond 5 cm.

Canada has Borrelia miyamotoi and other borrelia from coast to coast. The standard guidelines imposed on doctors state myths about rashes that science has shown us are not correct…

  1. The guidelines state that 60-80% of people will get a rash, NOT TRUE  Only a small subset of the borrelia bacteria will cause any rash.
  2. Rashes must expand to 5 cm and beyond to be from Lyme borreliosis.  NOT TRUE If a rash occurs it can be very different from what doctors are educated to look for.
  3. Typically the rash will take the form of a bull’s eye or target.  NOT TRUE

It is important for physicians to have correct information.

For example if you have a Borrelia miyamotoi infection the rash is rare and if it occurs it can look like this.

We do not have data on other Borrelia such as Borrelia hermsii.

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