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  1. I have already written you about the ID doctor in my area and his potential to do great harm by refusing to see patients who have been diagnosed clinically when it clearly states that testing is verification only, yet I can not get in to see him….I want a doctor who knows about Lyme in my city, my province, my country. I want a doctor who knows more about Lyme then I do. I want to know that if my son shows symptoms I can get his congenital Lyme treated without going to the states, and being accused of Munchausers by Proxy by a CAS. I want the government to protect those who have already been neglected at best, abused most likely by the current medical system…I want my voice heard…so that more don’t die form the silence and ignorance

  2. Amen, Diane. The only way to get this is to legislate the docs to force them to accept ILADS protocols. Ontario’s and Canada’s federal Lyme bills are bad bills and need to be scrapped. No teeth. We need bills like they have passed in New York State and Vermont that spell out in detail our right to the physician skills, protocols and testing standards that docs are currently withholding, and that remove sanctions of doctors who use a broader range of protocols. Forceful, specific legislation is the only way to do this. I have a meeting in June (been doing this for years) with my Ontario MPP to demand these things.

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