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Huffington Post series on Lyme Disease: The Global Search for Education: Research – Ticks

                                       Part 10 in series on the Global Lyme Disease Discussion

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Borrelia burgdorferi cultivated from the brains of patients suffering from chronic Lyme neuroborreliosis as seen by dark field microscopy

Given that according to the CDC, there are 300,000 individuals who are affected annually by Lyme disease in the US, it is astonishing that so little research money has been given to understanding Lyme and tick-borne illnesses in this country and internationally. Much like the syphilis debate in the past, experts have been unable to agree on whether a case definition called late/chronic Lyme disease exists. Yet some Lyme victims, even after taking the standard treatment of antibiotics, continue to suffer from serious long-term health problems for years after they first contract the disease. Like HIV/AIDS in the early 1980s, the world of Lyme has had a small group of dedicated researchers and clinicians who have remained committed to advancing and understanding this disease better.

Today in Part 10 of my global series, “Ticks”, I am joined by three of these pioneers: Dr. Brian Fallon, Dr. Judith Miklossy and Dr. Eva Sapi. Dr. Sapi is Associate Professor at the University of New Haven (CT) where she carries out Lyme disease research with her graduate students. To date, over 70 graduate students have received training in Lyme disease related research. Dr. Judith Miklossy is Director of the Alzheimer Research Center in Switzerland. She is an expert in spirochete microbiology and neuropathology. Dr. Miklossy serves on the boards of several international Lyme disease foundations. Dr. Brian Fallon is Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Director of the Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Center at Columbia University Medical Center.

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  1. Hello
    I am positive I have Lyme disease, I have many symptoms. I’ve done my own research on it over the past few years.
    I can only get this one test done here in Canada. Always negitve.
    I feel this bacteria is active after 10.00pm until 6.00. That’s when my symptoms become worse. So testing during the day proves it’s not active. I’m trying for a night test here. So far. No able too.
    Dr. Sapi’s Stevia will only work if it’s injected, not ingested. I also know the ingredient to activate it in the blood, so it will kill the bacteria. I just can’t get the portions right. Not having a test lab, I’m using myself as a test subject.
    Only side effect is the runs. But I feel it’s working. I feel a constant supply of both to my system of low doses is what’s needed to rid the body of all strains of the bacteria.
    Thank You.
    P.S. I would appreciate a reply please..

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