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An excellent article… a must read from Lil Anderson in the Lake of the Woods Area News, Western Ontario, Canada

Lyme disease: A growing concern Story and photos by Lil Anderson

[Special thanks to Lake of the Woods Area News and Lil Anderson]

The first I heard of Lyme Disease might be of concern in the Lake of the Woods area was in the early ’90’s.

At that time, Dr. John Scott from the Lyme-Borreliosis Support Group of Ontario contacted a co-worker , local veterinarians, and myself, requesting we collect black legged ticks from pets or other mammals and birds if we came across them in our work….

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  1. Would anyone who was involved in this be interested in participating in the National Day of Lyme June 3rd 2017 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (across Canada we march together).
    If so please contact me.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I am totally interested in participating in the National Day of Lyme on June 3rd on Parliment Hill.
    My family will most likely come with me.
    I just hope that it is not early in the day as I am one of those who require ridicule amount of sleep to be somewhat functional…
    Cross fingers that my treatments in New York in mid-Feb. 2017 will be efficent! 🙂

  3. Thank you for getting involved! We need to be heard to get political and medical attention for better diagnosis and complex and effective treatments.

  4. We are holding a free presentation on Lyme Disease on April 1, 2017 from 9:00 to noon near Orangeville at the Monora Park Pavilion. Dr. Melanie Wills from the University of Guelph will be our main speaker. As well there will be a vet and two people who have struggled with Lyme for years. After a break and free refreshments there will be a panel with the presenters open to audience comments and questions. If you’re in the area that day we would love to have you attend.

  5. Hi, my name is Liz. Just saw your post about National Lyme Day, march. Was wondering if you can give us more information. My mom & I both suffer with Lyme Disease. Thank you.

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