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  1. Very good.
    Right. It is those who intimidate doctors that should be held accountable.
    The million dollar question is why is the government /medical establishment doing this?

  2. The Naturopaths across Canada are definately
    more educated and have the know how to treat Lyme
    then our Medical Community.
    The sad reality is that, In less than seven years It will be Naturopaths leading
    the way for treating Lyme not the medical doctors.

  3. I believe I have lyme disease….I have had both Elisa test and Western Blot test….Is it possible to get a list of the different types of spirochete…..Is it possible to get tests done each of these types.

    Is there a group action by a lawyer for this disease?

    I need help….I believe I was first infected years ago…..they are in my back field. I am in an area that is known for ticks carrying this disease. I live on the north shore of Lake Erie.

    I need treatment. I have contacted my MP….to find a Doctor to help me….they said it would help if I had a diagnosis….how do I get a diagnosis if I don’t have a Doctor. My Rheumatologist will give me a referral to a Lyme Doctor if we can find one. I am very ill and need help.

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