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Mothers of children with Lyme are targeted by Infectious Disease doctors… Research concludes: not one single accusation of child abuse is valid

[CanLyme Note:  This same unethical and sinister practice goes on across Canada with many Canadian mothers of children with Lyme disease having been accused by infectious disease doctors of abusing their children because they seek effective treatment for their children. Most investigations are triggered by the parent taking the child to one of our Children’s hospitals where they wrongly thought there would be help.  Many of these mothers were then labelled as having Munchausen by Proxy syndrome by medical professionals not qualified to make such a diagnosis and who had never seen the mother as a patient.  Not one allegation in Canada has been found found to be true. CanLyme has intervened on behalf of some of these mothers and was able to provide current research to Children’s Services regarding effective treatments.]

March 15th, 2017 Netherlands, Written by

During the last eight months hundreds of Dutch parents have been contacting the BVIKZ to report what happened to them. They have also received many reports from parents of children with Lyme disease. National media made this into a primetime topic, which was viewed by 1,5 million people. Shortly afterwards the BVIKZ had their third meeting with the Board of the Dutch Child Protection Services called ‘Safe Home’ (SH).

BVIZK chairman Vera Hooglugt agreed to do an exclusive interview for the On Lyme Foundation. We asked her to tell about their general findings of the BVIKZ investigation and specifically about the Lyme cases. The interview took us over three hours.

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