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CBC News: This Toronto woman says she’s ‘living in hell’ as ticks invade her back yard

May 18, 2022 Michelle Snider says she’s has had to pull 25 to 30 ticks off her dogs and herself in 7 days A Toronto woman is warning people to check for ticks after she found several on herself and her two dogs in the past week. Michelle Snider, who lives in the Long Branch…

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Global TV News: Nova Scotia has the highest tick-to-human ratio in the country: biology professor

By Alexa MacLean, Global News May 17th, 2022 A biology professor who studies ticks for a living says Nova Scotians should expect to encounter the parasites whenever they venture outdoors. “Certainly, it’s hard not to notice ticks anywhere in Nova Scotia unless you stay strictly on cement,” said Vett Lloyd, an epigenetics researcher and director of the…

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CTV News Atlantic: Mother struggles to get adequate help within the Canadian health care system for her young daughter who has Lyme.

Sadly this lack of help for adequate Lyme disease treatment is a Canada-wide problem due in large part to the very poor information given to physicians and other medical professionals by a private self-proclaimed expert group called the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Canada.  Provincial and federal governments have ceded control over the…

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UoGuelph’s G Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab receives $1.2M for research

May, 2022 “With more ticks and tick bites occurring in Canada year after year, better diagnosis of Lyme disease is the goal of renewed funding from the G. Magnotta Foundation for Vector-Borne Diseases supporting a dedicated Lyme disease research program at the University of Guelph. The G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab will receive a three-year, $1.2-million grant…

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Tick season is upon us

Insects are emerging as the weather warms up and tick season has arrived March 25th, 2022 Now that warmer weather has arrived in the Central Okanagan, check yourself, your children and your pets if you’re out for a walk, bike or hike. Tick season is here, and although Lyme disease is rare in this part…

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New podcast: Exploring Lyme antibiotics with Dr. Kim Lewis

Sarah explores the latest advances in Lyme disease treatment with Dr. Kim Lewis, a researcher, author, University Distinguished Professor and director of Antimicrobial Discovery Center at Northeastern University in Boston. He specializes in molecular science and is currently researching persister cells that lead to tolerance to antibiotics, uncultured bacteria of the environment and the microbiome…

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New podcast: The quest for better tests

“In today’s podcast, Sarah speaks with Victoria Sanderson about her exciting new research into Lyme disease testing at the University of Guelph. Sanderson is a current medical student and previously completed her Master’s degree at the University of Guelph and became interested in Lyme disease after seeing how much the disease impacted her mother’s life and…

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New Podcast: Looking at Lyme carditis with Dr. Adrian Baranchuk

October 19, 2021 In today’s podcast Sarah explores Lyme carditis with Dr. Adrian Baranchuk, a cardiologist from Kingston, Ontario. Lyme carditis is inflammation of the heart and can cause lightheadedness, palpitations, fainting, chest pain and shortness of breath. In severe cases, it can be fatal. Listen to podcast

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Lyme Disease Advocacy Organization Meets With FDA

“BOSTON, Oct. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nonprofit grassroots organization TruthCures met with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) officials Monday, Oct. 18, 2021 to discuss issues related to notoriously inaccurate Lyme disease diagnostic tests. The group’s executive director, Laura Hovind, and associate Lahra Tillman were joined by Carl Tuttle, an appointee to New Hampshire Governor…

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Better diagnostic testing: antibodies and beyond with Dr. Armin Schwarzbach

Dr. Schwarzbach is a specialist in laboratory medicine and infectious diseases, having worked in the field for over 20 years. He recalls one of his patients who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and tested positive for a test that was then called a lymphocyte transformation test for Borrelia burgdorferi even though she subsequently tested negative for antibodies…

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Watch the long awaited ongoing trial of Lyme patient Frank Papineau that was delayed 3 years.

The trial deals with alleged negligence on the part of physicians. Patient Papineau vs Romero-Sierra et al The trial is available live via Zoom.  Here is the link. https://t.co/EVnzkVRJFn?amp=1 Dr. John Haggblad is testifying at the moment as to Standard of Care expected.  Next week Dr. Ralph Hawkins should begin his expert testimony. Check in…

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Raising Awareness for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts are among the highest risk group for contracting tick borne diseases. Here is an information pamphlet to provide some information all should have. Access pamphlet  

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New podcast: Exploring the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society with Dr. Amy Offutt

Join Sarah in today’s podcast as she explores everything ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) with Dr. Amy Offutt. Dr. Offutt is the medical director and co-owner of Heart & Soul Integrative Medicine in Marble Falls, Texas, and is also an ILADS board member. Listen to podcast

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New Podcast: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on the beauty and resilience of the brain – Lyme disease from a cellular perspective

Welcome back to the Looking at Lyme Podcast… here we are in Season 3! In this episode, Sarah explores how the brain functions with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. Dr. Jill was working as a neuroanatomist, teaching and conducting research at the Harvard School of Medicine when she experienced a severe hemorrhagic stroke. After recovering from…