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With great sadness we report that the Canadian Lyme community has lost a valuable friend and asset.

Debra Fraleigh, an articulate and caring individual who worked endlessly behind the scenes researching evidence, evaluating government and medical leadership statements on Lyme disease, and then writing excellent letters of rebuttal, lost her battle with cancer on June 9th, 2017. Debra, like far too many Canadians also battled Lyme disease and then, battled the medical system that let her and untold thousands of Canadians down.

As a founding member of the Ontario Lyme Alliance and York North Lyme Support Group she has contributed so much over the years, helping many individuals along the way.

Debra Fraleigh

Debra helped many people compose letters and never asked for recognition as the co-author.

She had an incredibly analytical mind and grasp of complex scientific material allowing her to have seen the errors in much of what was, and still is, being put forward by alleged experts that has guided policy for decades on Lyme disease.

Debra will be dearly missed by all in the Lyme community across Canada and we offer her family our deepest condolences.

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  1. Well said! We will all miss her help in unravelling the tangled web created by medical authorities around Lyme disease.

  2. This Ohio Lyme patient sends condolences to her family and friends. I appreciate all she contributed to the fight. May the work she has done not be forgotten.

  3. Debra was one of my most cherished friends. I took the photo posted on one of our rare outings. She was a brilliant woman and I miss her.

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