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Dr. Judith Miklossy – Video on (Lyme disease) neuroborreliosis relative to Alzheimer’s Disease

Published on Oct 19, 2014

Judith Miklossy, PhD, held a very interesting presentation at the NorVect Conference 2014. In particular she looked at the connection between Lyme disease and Alzheimer´s disease. Here is an excerpt. All presentations from the NorVect conference can be watched in full length at www.norvect.no

Judith was a founding Board member of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation by the invite of CanLyme founder Jim Wilson.

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  1. I have had an insect bite October 3/13, and since then it has not healed, it is still infected. I went to 4 doctors and none of them seem to believe it is lyme disease. Could you please help me find someone that will atleast test me for lymes diesease.

  2. Dear Judith Miklossy, PhD,
    I am reaching out to you as a result of my research on Lyme Disease. From what I learned, you are very knowledgeable on the potential impacts of the disease.

    My personal interest in the matter is that my daughter passed away suddenly. Her death baffled her medical team, but the autopsy report revealed she had bleeding in the brain and Advanced Stage Lyme Disease.

    In my quest for understanding I have learned a great deal about Lyme Disease. Looking back I can say that the disease may have impacted her development. She was a beautiful toddler who received early intervention services for developmental delays. But I have found limited information about how the disease may impact blood flow, particularly in the brain. I wondered if you could tell me if your experience and knowledge of Lyme Disease support changes in blood flow.

    I understand how busy you must be and I do not want to impose, but am thirsty for medical answers that may help my family and I better understand this tragedy.

    Thank you for your time in reading this message.


    Tamara Hamilton

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