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Road to recovery long, painful for Lyme victims

 May 9th, 2014 by Amy Smart, Times Colonist, Victoria, BC

The first alarm bell went off for Dr. Ted Cormode when his daughter called from her car saying she was frightened. The Langford woman had numbness in her neck, going up the side of her face, Cormode said. His daughter, 43, has since been diagnosed with Lyme disease, an inflammatory infection spread by ticks, and is undergoing treatment, he said. But Cormode — a retired pediatrician — believes that a lack of co-ordinated action against the disease means she has suffered longer than she should. “I would say this is the most confusing and controversial disease I’ve ever encountered in my more than 45 years of practice. And I don’t understand why people aren’t working together to come to a conclusion.” Cormode said he is not an expert on Lyme disease, although he has done research. He is also a former coroner and was a member of the pediatric death review committee in Ontario. He plans to attend a day of awareness events called Let’s Talk About Lyme, to share his story as well as learn from others. Cormode’s daughter, an avid outdoorswoman, showed symptoms before she phoned her father. She had extreme headaches, light sensitivity, ringing and pain in her ears and extreme fatigue. She felt what she thought was a new mole on the back of her neck, but after a few days, it fell off in the shower. It looked like an engorged tick. The woman visited a doctor, who identified the symptoms as consistent with Lyme disease but only prescribed ten days of antibiotics. She felt better, but a few days later, the numbness came and she phoned her father. Cormode said the process has been one of inconsistencies and confusion. “Testing is extremely controversial,” he said.

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  1. where can people go, for not only a dr that will help them, but also money to see a LLmd my self Ive been sick for a very long time pain weakness and muscle wasting to the point I am unable to work at times unable to do anything even think. Im 53 years old and feel 80 years old I went from workinghard loving life to not having one, don’t get me wrong I have blessings in my life health is just not one of them. now I have good dr who is treating me also for mycoplasma. but cant have the treatments needed they don’t take Ins witch don’t have yet anyway I don’t know that anyone can help me, but cant believe and just need to tell someone maybe everyone how wrong it is that so many people are so sick with no where to turn.

  2. My 3 year old daughter had a lyme disease marking on her arm one week ago, after 2 trips to the hospital and a discussion with infectious disease specialist, my daughter was not treated nor were blood tests done. My daughter is complaining about her ears and says her arm hurts. And she is tired alot. I have pushed my way around and got a prescription for lymes disease for 14 days but what do i do next?

    She is 3. I need to ensure she grows up with no pain

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