Patient only gets his life back after longer term antibiotic intervention, and another begins the treatment – watch their stories

‘You don’t have Lyme’, or, ‘those rogue doctors are going to harm you with those horrible antibiotics’, these are statements made by doctors frequently to patients who either have the positive test for Lyme disease or have all the clinical symptoms of the disease. The medical community is under-educated, overly misinformed intentionally by the medical bureaucracy, and fearful of treating patients because their medical license can be threatened by the bureaucratic leadership (a very small but powerful lobby group).

The lobby is so effective that mainstream doctors make up all kinds of excuses to explain away the remarkable recovery many people make when the right antibiotics are found for the individual (not all people respond the same to antibiotic selections and this may have a basis in the genetic diversity of the bacteria and/or each of our own gentic makeup).

Those same mainstream doctors mindlessly refuse to absorb the actual science that shows most of what they have been taught has been not based upon good science.  Instead it has been based upon the science put forward by a relatively lobby group from within the Infectious Disease Society of America, and the United States Center for Disease Control with extensive conflicts of interest. Monetizing a disease for profit is their goal.  Healthcare is not on their agenda.

Many intelligent non-physician victims have reviewed the scientific evidence that has dictated their life and took the path of treatment beyond short term antibiotics, so if the lay medical person can do this, the physicians must do this and then turn the tens of thousands of recoveries into objective evidence instead of sticking their collective heads in the sand.

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