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New Hope for Sufferers of Chronic Disease [is questioned] – Global TV Vancouver

For those within the Chronic Disease Syndrome/ME and fibromyalgia community there was some relief expressed in that finally their diagnosis is being legitimized. This will be one more step in helping with disability claims for conditions that have all too often been labelled as somatoform or, all in the head.

The clinic came about as a result of an internal report by a senior executive within the Public Health Services Agency of BC that addressed the Lyme Disease controversy.  The report supported the claims of the patients that testing was poor, diagnosis and treatment were non-existent, physician education was poor, and that much needed to be done. Eight recommendations were given.

Lyme Disease was the instigator of the clinic, but it quickly became sidelined by the very group implicated in the government internal report who have done such a poor job on Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease will not be addressed seriously at the clinic and there are no research studies on the horizon that will improve anything in that regard. Volumes of research have been completely ignored, and now they ask us to wait for more science… to be ignored.


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  1. my Doctor has said I may have fibremyalgia. I have constant aching and feeling unwell much like a flu smptom. I dont have hardly any energy and fatigue very easily. My neck, shoulders abdomen and joints ache constantly and do not sleep well at all. I would like to know how I can get tested and where for Lyme disease. I do have a bite mark on the back of my right leg but have not observed any red circle

  2. I have been sick for more than 22 years. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 15 years ago. About 12 years ago, I had a brain surgery to reduce the tremor. When my tremor got worse after the surgery, I became discouraged and stopped using all my Parkinson’s medications. Ninety five percent of the tremor went away. I have not used any Parkinson’s medications for 12 years and my Parkinson’s symptoms do no seem to be getting worse. I now believe that I have Lyme disease. I have serious joint pain and swelling, and muscle weakness. The big problem is, most doctors know very little about Lyme disease and are afraid to treat it because of poor medical guidelines set by the CDC.

  3. I have been suffering for about 3 years now with unexplained neurological symptoms. I am now seeing a Naturopath to treat myself for Lyme since all the other Doctors I have seen are ASLEEP at the switch! And if I ever become rich I will get a lab in Canada that will properly test for Lyme and also Doctors here that will NOT dither or disregard patients but treat them! It is VERY disgusting that there is no proper care for Lyme sufferers in Canada! Are we backwards here or what? Or do we just like to stick our heads in the sand and pretend it’s just not happening? That will never do, for your own loved ones in your very own family will get it next! Let’s hope you recognize it for what it is otherwise your family member may wind up DEAD!

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