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Lyme disease test kits and limitations

Health Canada : “Lyme disease test kits are class II (IV being the highest risk class) in vitro diagnostic devices. The devices are intended for the detection of antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi in human serum, plasma or cerebrospinal fluid.1 They are used to provide serologic evidence of B. Burgdorferi  exposure.1 Infection can result in dermatologic, neurologic, cardiac and musculoskeletal disorders.2 Serologic testing is the only standardized type of laboratory investigation available to support the clinical diagnosis of Lyme disease in North America.3

But, read their warning, …

“Many factors contribute to false negative or false-positive serologic test results for Lyme disease.1,7,9,11–14 In general, false-negative results have been attributed to (a) a slow antibody response early in the course of the disease, (b) genetic diversity of B. burgdorferi and (c) treatment with antibiotics.”

In Canada, the research of John Scott, et al, Sperling, et al, and Ogden, et al, has shown we have a wide genetic diversity of not only B. burgdorferi, but we have other ‘Lyme disease causing’ borrelia species. What this admission by Health Canada means is that the tens of thousands of Canadians tested in the past 30 years have no idea if they have Lyme disease or not.  Lyme advocacy groups have been asking for this admission since the first groups were formed in 1989 (Lyme Borreliosis Society of BC) and 1990 (Lyme Disease Association of Ontario).  The evidence for this is not new.

Read full text of Health Canada warning

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  1. I live in Saskatchewan, where I got sick almost 4 years ago. My Dr tells me that there is no lyme hereand there for I do not have it. However my body feels the complete opposite. I have slowly been breaking down. My Dr keeps wanting to test me for lupus but that keeps coming back negative too. I’m in a lot of pain and someday I can not even walk. There are no LLMD’s in Sask and I really need to see one before things get much worse. I’ve been to the infectious diseases control and he as well told me there is no lym in Sask. If you could please tell me where the closest LLMD is that woild be wonderful.
    Thank you for any and all help,
    Dani Luciano

  2. My son age 18 walking his dog in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, N.S. had a tick bored into his scalp.. Hairdresser found while washing and cutting his hair. I have kept the tick, but want to have it tested. Please contact me asap above email address. Thank-you!! Krista Jackson

  3. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and have been treated with PO Doxycycline and IV Ceftriaxone which will be finished next week. My symptoms did improve but the past few days have noticed a return of the dental and Rt jaw discomfort and numbness Rt jaw and ear.
    Wondered if it would be helpful for me to be retested and also what treatment would help me to eradicate this.

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