Calgary woman says Lyme is an issue

Canadian public health officials have been warning about the rise in the number of ticks in Canada and the increased risk of Lyme disease.

Thousands of dollars spent … quality of life is back.  Alberta Health says no humans cases… hmmm?  Randomly spread disease in Saskatchewan and BC… hmmm?  What aren’t they telling you?

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  1. Envita’s patient shares her story on Canadian TV News about her Lyme disease; I want you to catch how the doctor in Canada was not sure that the patient even had Lyme disease. Remember to look at the Lyme disease as an entire complex of infections, bacterial, viral, parasites. It is a problem of what we call being trapped in the one-word phrase diagnosis “Lyme disease”. However, all the co-infections that bring about the numerous symptoms and problems associated with Lyme disease are just as important and if the doctor thoroughly tested all the bands and all the other co-infections and patients’ immune system, bingo, he would get it. Great job Teri, proud of you for standing up! Remember Lyme gets all the press. What about all the other infection chronic Lyme patients have due to impaired immunity? PS did you catch there have been no reports of Lyme disease in the entire area, that first time I have heard that, we just need to be patient and keep educating.

  2. Lyme is an issue in Alberta. No matter how many times you test positive on both Canadian and American tests, no matter that it was 100% likely you would’ve caught the disease because of the number of pets you owned and the amount of time you spent in Lyme endemic areas, and no matter how many symptoms you have, they will deny that you have lyme. They simply won’t acknowledge it.

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