Lyme Warriors Call for Congressional Investigation of CDC, IDSA, Vaccine Makers

ARLINGTON, Va., May 23, 2014  PRNewswire

Lyme activists, who have the Infectious Diseases Society of America headquarters surrounded and under siege, issued a call for a Congressional Investigation of corruption within the CDC, IDSA, and the vaccine industry.

According to Lyme researcher and activist, Carl Tuttle, “An investigation is long overdue. The conflicts of interest and improper influence among these originations has contributed to terrible suffering and financial losses for thousands of people.” Tuttle suffered from Lyme disease for twelve years and was misdiagnosed and denied treatment by multiple doctors before he was finally diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease.

Despite receiving the IDSA recommended treatment, Tuttle remained ill and was bedridden on oxygen for several months.

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  1. Hi I have been diagnosed with lyme disease since 2012 and I have been laughed at by doctors , I have had no support finantional or other wise. I have experienced the prevebal eye roll and head wag and the mockery by the professionals.
    I was diagnosed with m.s. In 1985 and afterward was told I was misdiagnosed in 1977 when they had taken my left leg a part because of my falling repeatedly.
    My doctor and neurologist are less then helpful, they have been uninformed and completely rude as well as condenseding.
    I am desperate and depressed! I am beseeching you for compassion and understanding in this dark and complexted matter.
    I have suffered for years and years, I need help!
    There is clear evidence of this disease existing acute and chronic.
    Clearly egoes need to be shelved in this matter as they have no place in this medical nightmare!
    People suffering from this cruel unforgiving disease should be in the forefront., and every effort should be exusghted in treating this.
    This should not be about making a buck, it should be about patient care!
    Yours truly ,
    Teresa Wiseman

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