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Congress Acts to Improve CDC and NIH Lyme Disease Programs [Canada Fails]

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 [CanLyme Note: The Canadian system via the Pubic Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) adopted the same corrupted, biased position of the US CDC.  Now we need Canadian parliamentarians to do the right thing for the sick. Last year, Health Canada announced there would…

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Unprecedented claim against the CDC over Lyme tests

August 23, 2017 written by Huib In the USA an unprecedented anti-trust law suit of $57 million is being prepared against the CDC. They are accused of deliberately suppressing the use of an accurate DNA direct diagnostics for Lyme disease. You can read about the aim and potential impact of this lawsuit in this article. “In…

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Lyme disease and pregnancy – US Center for Disease Control

Tell your physician (because they are told this cannot happen)…  Lyme disease can be passed through the placenta to the fetus. This is acknowledged by the United States Center for Disease Control who state on their poster, “Untreated, Lyme disease can be dangerous to your unborn child.” Read poster

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USA: Government policy expert’s report, “CDC Evades Accountability in Lyme Epidemic”

Author info: Bio – Jenna Luché-Thayer’s expertise includes government transparency and accountability and the integration of marginalized groups. Luché-Thayer is informed by three decades of professional policy and grassroots experience in 40 countries. She has extensive experience in congressional relations, testimony and legislation. She has worked with governments, the United Nations, nonprofits and the corporate…

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United States : CDC Refuses to End Preferential Treatment of IDSA Lyme Guidelines in Response to Citizen Petition Patient advocates cite CDC/IDSA conflicts of interest

“Fries says, “It’s unacceptable that when a federal government agency is presented with evidence of improprieties, the official response is to confirm the improprieties and indicate they will continue.” Now what will the government of Canada do considering their commitment to open government.  Will they insist Bill C-442 be followed with the good faith intended…

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TOUCHED BY LYME: CDC fires another salvo against “chronic Lyme”

[CanLyme note: There are no human tests for many of the borrelia species of bacteria that cause Lyme disease, yet they have perhaps convinced this poor gentleman he did not have Lyme disease. There is nothing in what they have reported that would rule out Lyme disease… so why is a government agency so willing…

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Lyme Disease Community Blows the Whistle on Corruption Within the CDC

[CanLyme note: The Canadian government intentionally takes it’s direction from the US CDC and their small select group to set Lyme policy in Canada.  CanLyme has asked several times to be given a seat at the policy making level only to be told we are simply an advocacy group therefore we have no role to…