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Unprecedented claim against the CDC over Lyme tests

August 23, 2017 written by Huib

In the USA an unprecedented anti-trust law suit of $57 million is being prepared against the CDC. They are accused of deliberately suppressing the use of an accurate DNA direct diagnostics for Lyme disease. You can read about the aim and potential impact of this lawsuit in this article.

In the current situation, even in an endemic area like Connecticut, the first doctor a Lyme patient sees is an emergency room physician” – Dr. Sin Hang Lee at the 2017 ILADS conference in Paris, Europe


Lyme disease belongs in the same health threat category as AIDS and cancer, while it is far more prevalent than Zika. With over 300,000 new cases annually in the USA alone, the incidence of Lyme is now six times the AIDS epidemic and it is twice as prevalent as breast cancer.

Early detection and treatment of Lyme disease is of utmost importance, but it is well known that typical antibodies are not detectable for 4-6 weeks after infection. The lack of diagnostic tests for early Lyme disease has caused untold pain and suffering worldwide as delayed diagnosis and treatment often leads to “chronic Lyme disease” or “Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome”. The current situation has been framed as a human rights abuse on a global scale. 

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  1. This is exactly what needs to happen. How would an anti-trust lawsuit against the CDC be the same or different from a a class action law suite against the CDC? Thank you!

  2. I contracted Lyme’s from the vaccine. The vaccine that seemed to disappear off the market. My body hurts, a lot. Sleepless nights. Anxiety, vomiting. How do i become part of this suit?

  3. Diagnostic testing for Lyme Disease is very important, because for each false negative test, a person is destined to become a palliative care patient in the health care system. We must fight to get appropriate testing in place.

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