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Profiling disease burden and Borrelia seroprevalence in Canadians with complex and chronic illness

Examining serology and the health burden of Lyme disease and chronic illness with Victoria Sanderson at the G Magnotta Lab.

A figure from Victoria Sanderson's paper floats over top of a darkened photo of Sanderson working in the lab.

Victoria Sanderson and her research team looked at both the health burden and serology of Lyme patients, those with Lyme-like illness and people with other chronic illnesses. Their findings confirm that Lyme patients are living with significant health issues which often overlap with other chronic illnesses. 

Sanderson’s team also looked at Lyme test results across and within these groups. Some of the participants who were not known to have Lyme disease tested positive. Within that group, people with fibromyalgia were most likely to test positive for Lyme disease. Their findings also put into question some of the ways we are currently interpreting serology results.1


Sanderson VP, Miller JC, Bamm VV, Tilak M, Lloyd VK, Singh-Ranger G, et al. (2023) Profiling disease burden and Borrelia seroprevalence in Canadians with complex and chronic illness. PLoS ONE 18(11): e0291382. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0291382


  1. Read this summary by the G Magnotta Lab.

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