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Lyme-disease-carrying ticks a growing problem in Ontario as ticks climb tops of tall grass waiting for victims

[CanLyme Note: this article includes some information we disagree with.  Treating with a single dose of antibiotics lacks GRADE level science to support it as an effective approach and was a closed door decision showing arrogance, not ethical science. Opposing experts and advocates were not consulted therefore the policy is invalid – longer durations of antibiotics are needed.]

from ‘FARMERS FORUM’…Tiny ticks will often climb to the top of grass stands, with forelimbs outreached, waiting patiently for their transfer to man or animal walking by. That’s just one reason it’s a good idea to brush yourself after walking through long grass. Here’s another. The tick populations are spreading across Ontario, bringing Lyme disease with them.

Last year there were 1,479 diagnosed cases of Lyme disease in Ontario, up by 487 from 2016. Diagnoses have been on the rise across Canada since 2009, when there were only 144 diagnosed cases across the entire country.

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